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Elevators or lift is extremely important or common in different commercial places, including hospitals, shopping centers, office buildings, and multi-story car parks. Now it is also used at home to make your movement easy. Some of the people are still opposed to the idea of residential or home Elevators. Public lifts or elevators are installed in commercial areas tend to be large and bulky to carry the people, weighty products, etc. However, it is still uncommon; the residential lift can improve your movement and accessibility. If you want to install a quality lift or elevator in Ludhiana and surrounding area like Chandigarh etc, you can call the New Fuji elevator

We offer good-quality residential and commercial elevators that may provide you with a long-term solution for all your lifting requirements and several benefits. Our products are safe, secure, easy transportation of any goods. You can say it is the time-saving movement procedure that quickly increased productivity and eliminated the requirement for forklifts.

But you should remember before installing the lift to find out the reputed lift manufacturers in Chandigarh like New Fuji elevator; we can provide the high-quality products at an affordable rate. 

Reasons to choose New Fuji elevator

  • Superior quality

If you select the new Fuji elevator, you are assured that we always offer our customers superior quality lifts or Elevators. The raw materials we are using for manufacturing the products are high quality and very carefully chosen to make them safe, secure, and stylish, perfect for any place. Apart from this, we also produce classy and quality elevators and lift in every area; maybe it is your home, hospital, shopping mall, high rise building, etc.

We, the New Fuji elevators, stand from the crowds for offering quality elevators as well as superior installation service. We have a lot of satisfied customers who already use their service.

  • Completely Knocked Down

We offer elevators that will arrive at your location in a semi-assembled condition, after which our engineers assemble all the components, so we are never involved in welding, tape, or ducting. So we may not be able to install the lift in just 48 hours, but, undoubtedly, the quality of our elevator is improved. 

  • Safety

At New Fuji Elevator, we use the only elevator technology in the world where no battery backup or temporary power supply is required for power back. Our elevator has all kinds of safety features, including telephone, lights, fan, child switch, emergency descent, and alarm. 

  • Self Supported Structure

At New Fuji Elevator, our lifts come with self-supported structure, ensuring that the products need ZERO Civil Works. It also requires a very small amount of maintenance.

  • Low Maintenance & Environment Friendly

All of our elevators need a single-phase power to work. It can be called a green lift because it consumes only 3.7 Kva of energy for ascent and zeroes energy for the descent. Since air is used for our lift operations, no oiling or lubrication is required. So this lift needs less service. 

  • Light Weight

We make the elevator with the metal that come from the combination of aluminum and galvanized steel that allows it to be lightweight without compromising on its strength. It also improves the quality of lifts and helps to extend life because it prevents rust. These lightweight lifts can be installed on your balcony or the floor without the need for special concreting or reinforcement. So it cannot damage your foundation or other parts of the building. 

  • Reasonable price

Being as good elevator suppliers in Chandigarh, we produce the best quality elevators at affordable prices. To make our customers happy, we always avoid overpricing for our products. The prices of our lifts are reasonable so that all customers can purchase them. We always focus on creating products that can suit every pocket. With these competitive prices, the effects are long-lasting and high quality, making the products easily accessible to all customers. 

  • Effective AMC

As a reputed Lift manufacturer and Suppliers in Chandigarh, New Fuji Elevator also offers the AMC or annual maintenance, making installing and repairing the lift very cost-effective. It is imperative to maintain the elevators long time. It is a significant investment, so every people want to keep it for a long time. Annual maintenance has lots of advantages. It is one of the affordable way that helps identify any kind of impending damage and then it also help to eliminates the issue, thus saving a lot of money for the homeowner; not only that, you can avoid the accident. 

  • ISO Certified 

New Fuji elevators have been standardized with ISO certification. This certificate defines that we can exceed customer expectations regarding organizational efficiency, quality manufacturing, and all positions and thus spread our lift across India as the first ISO-certified company to manufacture home and commercial elevators

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